1 Data Privacy and Manufacturing
New Year. New format. Peggy Smedley rings in the New Year by updating listeners on what you can expect from The Peggy Smedley Show in 2018! Peggy delves into why cybersecurity concerns have caused manufacturers to be reluctant to embrace the IoT (Internet of Things) in their facilities and on their jobs. Peggy outlines a few things these companies can do to curb their IoT fears and what they should keep an eye on when they start implementing new technologies.
2 Predictive Maintenance for All
Predictive maintenance has the power to significantly increase uptime for companies as well as save in energy costs. These savings, combined with additional benefits, can cause 13% reductions in the overall budget. Despite all these benefits, Saar Yoskovitz, CEO and cofounder, Augury, says 88% of companies do not leverage predictive maintenance practices. Yoskovitz postulates that startup costs are a big turn off for most manufacturers and explains how his company is working toward cutting those costs so that more companies can adopt these best practices. He goes on to speak about the importance of data security when it comes to new technologies and why companies shouldn’t let their security concerns curb their implementation of new tech.
3 What’s Hot in IoT
What are the hottest trends in the IoT going into 2018? Joe Barkai, consultant, author, and speaker, answers that question by giving Peggy Smedley a rundown of the upcoming year’s hot topics. Barkai also shares his insight on digital twins, which can be used to optimize the operation and maintenance of physical assets. He goes on to discuss why data security is going to be a priority and how current security concerns have led to manufacturer hesitation in the adoption of new tech. However, Barkai believes we will see an increase in IoT adoption by manufacturers moving into the future so long as these security concerns are addressed.