Sound Off #2
Making New Year’s Resolutions
Reinvention Radio Crew shares their resolutions for 2018
As human beings we need a reset
Treat everyday like it’s New Year’s Day
The word of the day… ephemeral

What Is Your WHAT Wednesday
Can where you live affect your WHAT?

Steve went home to Chicago for the holidays. He faced single digit temperatures and gloomy weather. This makes him wonder how where you live impacts living your WHAT and how you work. He shares how his seasonal depression is a real thing and it definitely affected his mood while in Chicago.

Richard believes that 50% of it is your WHAT, 30% is the environment, and 20% are your thoughts and food. Epigenetics can affect the DNA. Regardless, it still comes back to mindset.

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Soul-Full Sunday
Put more meaning into your work

Happy New year to all! Mary’s word for the episode is meaning. Her desire in 2018 is to infuse more meaning into her work. It’s important to do more meaningful work without regard to monetization. Steve’s going back to it being all about the money.

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New Media Minute
Voice Will Be the Next 10 Years

The Reinvention Radio Crew discusses Spotify being directly listed onto the New York Stock Exchange. It’s old school stock – new road mentality… an interesting blend of new and old. Richard explains the 10 year cycle declaring voice as the next 10 years.

1 Sound Off #2
2 What Is Your WHAT Wednesday
3 Soul-Full Sunday
4 New Media Minute