Sound Off #1
Happy New Year to all!
Reinvention Radio Crew holiday recap
Whatever happened to Baby Jesus?
Elf On A Shelf & lying to your kid

Julia Neiman

At 60 years old she found herself starting over
They owed her $10k in expenses when she lost her job as a clinical social worker
She’s now teaching teens on entrepreneurship
Why the foster care system?
She had a PhD and a Masters yet still couldn’t find a job at 60 years old
No one was teaching kids what they need to know
There are currently more people in the millenial workforce today than any other
A lot of jobs are going away to automation
It’s the greatest time on earth for the youth to learn skills
Keep people entertained and serve
How Rich German gave her a start
Collaboration is the word for 2018
Start with a mentor to set yourself up with a strong foundation

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1 Sound Off #1
2 Julia Neiman