When any extreme emotion completely overpowers you and makes you behave out of control, you need to take notice ! Experiencing emotions is the greatest attribute of our human existence. There are no “Positive” and “Negative” emotions. All types of emotions, in balance, allow us to experience life to it’s fullest. But when any one emotion completely grips you, there are underlying issues from your past that are triggering these extreme reactions. Be it extreme anger, extreme fear, extreme sadness or any other extreme emotion.

In this show, Dr. Sonia brings to your awareness the relationship between our out-of-control behavior, the extreme emotions causing it and the past life events that lead to it. She draws upon her vast experience as a Clinical Hypnotherapist to unravel the reasons we get into this situation and offers 3 simple steps to keep our emotions in balance.

Listen also to the amazing story of Cherry, who held her extreme anger within herself for 40 years until her life fell apart. And then used the power of her Subconscious Mind through hypnotherapy and regression to lose the anger in just 4 incredible hours !

Dr. Sonia’s passion to bring this amazing tool of self empowerment to improve our everyday lives continues to drive her to share her experiences, her knowledge and her skills.

Do join in and share your experiences, your thoughts on this subject by writing in to Dr. Sonia at: www.enso-nia.com or to: sonia@enso-nia.com

1 Out of Control Emotions
2 40 Years of Anger Gone in 4 Hours!
3 3 Easy Steps to Keep Your Emotions in Balance