1 Introduction to CES
Peggy Smedley helps us get over our “post-holiday” blues by previewing CES 2018. Peggy expects autonomous cars and AI (artificial intelligence) to dominate the show floor this year with an increased focus on digital security and more. Technology is poised to affect advertising and entertainment in the coming year and Peggy delves into the how and why.
2 The Rising Tide of AI
Steve Koenig, senior director, market research, Consumer Technology Assn., admits that consumers are beginning to embrace digital assistants and people using them to shop is increasing. He discusses what autonomous shopping can mean for the retail market. Koenig also provides his insights into what we can expect at CES this year beyond connected cars and new startups. He believes AI (artificial intelligence) will be “omnipresent” at CES and that this will mark a technology trend going into 2018. With this shift towards more autonomous living and AI advances, Koenig highlights the importance of creating sustainable smart cities around the globe.
3 What Will the Car of the Future Look Like
In the final segment, Peggy details her vision of the cars of the future. These vehicles will be packed with conversational AI, V2I (vehicle-to-infrastructure) capabilities, immersive in-cabin experiences, and, of course, will be fully autonomous. But what hurdles and consumer concerns will manufacturers need to overcome before these vehicles hit the road? Peggy delves into the need to beef up security before “bad actors” limit the ability to deliver these amazing computers on wheels.