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The journey to being a life, business and relationship coach
There’s a difference between therapy and coaching
Boundaries are good but don’t threaten an addict
Understanding addiction
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Brendan Burns is currently an Entrepreneur, Speaker, and High-Performance Coach on a mission to help others, save lives, and give back. His Business, Life, and Relationship Coaching, group programs, and events are for anyone, and have helped people who have suffered abuse, trauma, or drug addiction and want to escape that nightmare and start living their best life. For example, he has successfully helped a young woman end an addiction to heroin in just two sessions. Also, he has worked with professional athletes, including former NFL and MLB players, as well as C-level executives and clients from over 60 countries on 6 continents. He also hosts a own podcast, The Brendan Burns Show, which is featured on iTunes and Spotify.

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