Luis Valdivia is the Multicultural Marketing specialist for the Del Mar Fair grounds. He brings a cross border experience to this job as well as his business experience from the time he was a young man. His current employment involves working with every community in San Diego. His Childhood and youth was spent in Tijuana and he and his family would cross the border on a regular bases. He is not limited in working for only one community such as the Hispanic Community but works with the Asian, African-American LGBT community to name only a few of the community he responds to and for. Luis grew up in Tijuana and is completely bilingual and familiar with the business community on both sides of the border. While working at the Hispanic Chamber he has conduct various out reach and successful campaigns . As a young boy he wrote a column in English for tourist visiting. He sees this experience as wonderful training for his future employment. Tijuana. Luis also speaks about why and what is the Hispanic Chamber. Luis is very knowledgeable about how difficult it is to translate many of the themes or terms used in business but his is one of his strongest skills. This show focuses on the business world with a person that has experienced success on both sides of the border.

1 Growing up in Tijuana - His education / 2 Family life and work experice / 3 The Hispanic Chamber / 4 San Diego County Fair at Del Mar