Sound Off! 2
Taking action
Define a space and create a habit of going to that space
Draw boundaries
Time block
If reinvention and nuance have a baby… it’s called refinement (@RichardOtey)

What Is Your WHAT Wednesday
If You Aren’t Living Your WHAT

With the new year underway and thoughts of resolutions abound, Steve questions, for those who know their WHAT and just aren’t living it… is that your resolution? How do you make the transition?

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Soul-Full Sunday
Infuse More Meaning Into Your Work

Mary’s on a mission to infuse more meaning into her work this year. It’s important to do meaningful work without regard to monetization. While Steve’s is contemplating going back to it being all about the money.

What can you do to infuse more meaning in your work?

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New Media Minute

The future of technology
On the Internet of things
Robots in our homes
Highlights from the Consumer Electronics Show


1 Sound Off! 2
2 What Is Your WHAT Wednesday
3 Soul Full Sunday
4 New Media Minute