1 Cognitive Technologies for 2019
Peggy Smedley dives into the topic of cognitive technologies and how they impact the IoT (Internet of Things). She discusses recent research from Deloitte, which shows roughly 76% of respondents say they expect cognitive technologies to transform their companies in just three years or less, and she explains the business value of cognitive technologies goes beyond cutting costs. Finally, she wraps up with her tip of the week and how to rethink cognitive opportunities for the next 12 months.
2 Innovation in the Food Supply Chain
Peggy and Sotiris Bantas, president and CEO, Centaur, discuss food waste and food safety liability in the supply chain. He also says we are on an exponential curve, with population increasing and more complexity in the food industry that needs to be addressed with innovation and technology. Further, he adds the biggest driver in the last mile that the retail industry is pushing for digitization of the supply chain.
3 Ag Needs for 2019 and Beyond
Peggy and Joshua Peschel, assistant professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering, Iowa State University, talk about new technology that is needed in 2019: systems related to automation and technology related to agricultural intelligence. He says the focus needs to be on assistive technology—not replacement technologies.