Blockchain technology makes cryptocurrency different. Product design with Cyber Security in mind, Everyone wants a robot now.

1 Blockchain Poised for Growth
Peggy Smedley helps listeners understand blockchain. She says blockchain technology makes cryptocurrency different from regular currency because it provides an open, distributed, and public ledger for bitcoin transactions. Also, she addresses how blockchain is poised for tremendous growth as the technology matures, and as industries find new ways to leverage it.
2 Securing our Future
Louis Parks, president and CEO, SecureRF, says in the mid-1970s public key or asymmetric cryptography came to be. This technology allows two devices to meet another element such as a server and authenticate each other. He explains that one of the struggles or issues is that a product or solution is focused on what it does, and then afterwards people think about securing it too. Parks says the difficultly in quantum computers is the nature of math used and will always be susceptible to these attacks.
3 Cybersecurity and Robots Collide
Joshua Peschel, assistant professor, agriculture and Biosystems engineering, Iowa State University, says everyone wants a robot now. A robot is a physically embodied agent and can interact with people, roads, or water, and relies on computation. He explains that a robot can go places that your computer can’t, but the biggest concern is related to surveillance and being able to capture information from places remotely about other people or events.