The theme for today’s segments are…literature and reading opportunities for teenagers who are at-risk, reluctant readers.

Crystal Culhane was our first guest. She is a site coordinator for Juvenile Court Book Club (San Diego), an organization that goes into teen detention facilities and hosts book discussion groups with teens who are incarcerated. Crystal values the kinds of reading opportunities that come to the teens who participate in the program.Here, she talks about the ways that JCBC makes a difference.

Daphne Russell is an author and founder of a new organization, Books Save Lives. She has written a novel “Read or Die” and a screenplay titled, The Book of Abel. Both pieces are examples of Russell’s advocacy for books that are edgy but relevant to the lives of inner-city children. It is Russell’s passionate belief that books save lives…when we give young people access to content and characters who they can relate to. Learn more here.

1 Cystal Culhane, Juvenile Court Book Club
2 Daphne Russell, Books Save Lives