No matter what way you go, you can’t please everyone
Sit down with Joel to do a cover for the magazine
Controversy on the cover
Ear Hustle podcasting from jail
Mr. Meaner and Mr. Nicer

What Is Your WHAT Wednesday?
Be More Aware of Your Ya-No Moments

In Steve’s NYT Bestselling Book, What Is Your WHAT? Discover The One Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do he introduces the “Seven Life Altering Principles” or S.L.A.P. He talks with the RR Crew about being more aware of Ya-No Moments. Specifically, are your Ya-No moments of truth leading you in a certain direction?

Soul-Full Sunday
100 Dream Challenge

A recent experience at church on how to be more engaged and the best that you can be has Mary sharing with the RR Crew about the 100 Dream Challenge. Are your dreams wrapped up in a strategy or is it a strategory wrapped in a dream. The magic is in the process.

1 Managing Blow back from Controversial Decisions
2 What is Your What - What is your Yea / No moment?
3 Be Engaged with Yourself