Mike Nave was raised by his grandparents in Logan Heights. At the age of eight he worked at Guadalupe Market as small grocery store owned by his grand parents. He attended Our Lady of Guadalupe school until the 5th grade. At that point they sent him to Tijuana to attend school. Every day they would drive him to Tijuana and pick him up at the end of the day. He feels this period of time not only benefited his Spanish skills but that he learned more than he had learned attending schools in the United States. Mike also worked with the Frito Lay man and was able to save enough money to buy his own bike. By the time he reached San Diego High School he stopped attending classes and started hanging out at City College. He was also selling pills, Uppers and downers. He is also the only person I know that got a ticket for running to fast. The case was thrown out of court but it tells you how the cops treated young Chicano kids in Logan Heights. Mike started getting involved in community issues and soon learned about SB164. Jorge Marroquin talked to Mike about going to college even though you had not graduated from HS. At City College he became involved with MECHA and The Brown Berets. Mike played a major role in going from college campuses all over Calif. demand Chicano Studies. The Brown Berets major accomplishment was the take over of Chicano Park.

1 Mike the little boys from Logan Heights. / 2 Schooling on both sides of the border. Car clubs. / 3 City college and social justice. / 4 MECHA and The Brown Berets.