Dr. Deniz was joined by his long-time friend and colleague, Dr. Brenton Wynn who is a Board Certified Medical Doctor of over 21 years in Sports Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, and Pain Management. Dr. Wynn is also a Marital Arts Expert/Instructor/Practitioner, and an amazing human being. During this episode, both Doctors discuss current Orthopedic and Neurological conditions; and the interventions that are being utilized to treat these conditions. More specifically, Dr. Wynn shares a new pain management modality and protocol that is primarily Holistic for patients who suffer from various forms of Neuropathy.

1 Dr. Wynn's diverse beginnings- martial arts, exercise, and school
2 Dr. Wynn shares his multiple Specializations and Hospital Affiliations
3 What is Neuropathy? What are the usual treatment options? New Holistic options
4 Endorsement and Testimonial from Dr. Wynn; Current Collaborations