Soundoff 2
Canadian dialect review
Cash machine or ATM?
Is NFL Sunday football dead?
One play will not define your life

What Is Your WHAT Wednesday
Is a coach or mentor necessary for living your WHAT?

Steve shares that he’s had a group of private coaching clients in town this week, including special guest Michael Levitt… during this time it got him thinking… how important is it to have a mastermind, coach, mentor, or a group of people in the grand scheme of things to live your WHAT?

The RR Crew and Michael discuss their views on the subject.

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Soul-full Sunday
How to keep your future thriving

Mary may be gone this week, but we can still be soul-full! How do you keep your future thriving? The Reinvention Radio Crew along with special guest, Michael Levitt, discuss how the decisions we make today define our future. Especially in the areas of health, wealth, career, and family.

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New Media Minute

Michael Levitt joins the RR Crew to share his experience at the September 2017 New Media Summit. “Best conference I have ever been to!” he shares. He talks about leaving with bookings in hand, meeting so many people, and his own personal growth as a result of attending.

Tickets for the next New Media Summit are available at:

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