If you are an IoT company, you need blockchain. Is blockchain a trusted approach for IoT companies? Having values is a powerful business tool.

1 Blockchain more than Buzz
Peggy Smedley asks the question: Should IoT (Internet of Things) companies invest in blockchain? She says blockchain will change the game for businesses, explaining that if you are an IoT company, you need blockchain. However, there is a growing surface of attacks and the prize is getting bigger for the bad guys, while the burden is growing for the good guys to keep their systems and data secure.
2 Trusting Blockchain
Has blockchain become a trusted approach for IoT companies? Scott Schober, president and CEO, Berkeley Varitronics Systems Inc., says the whole concept of blockchain emerged in 2008 or 2009, and it is a buzzword. He says while people say it is not hackable, it is, but it is harder to hack. Hackers are looking for the lowest hanging fruit to compromise. Schober explains the fundamentals of a blockchain is good because people can only see parts of it and it is encrypted, but it is depending on other people in the chain to protect it.
3 The Dividends of Decency
Donald Lee Sheppard CEO of Sheppard Properties and author of The Dividends of Decency says ethics is what you do when no one is looking, and the same thing with integrity. He explains that there isn’t any shortcut to it and you will always get caught because you can’t fake honesty and integrity. Having values is a powerful business tool, because it focuses on achieving success, and it is not something you can learn. He says successful leaders understand that the primary goal of any organization is not profit. Successful leaders know who the most important parties in their life are: customers, employees or associates, and then vendors and outside parties who support an organization.