This show is titled “The Quest HEATS-UP in 2018 for Religious Liberties and Parent Rights!!!”
In studio, we were honored and privileged to welcome the founder of the Pacific Justice Institute, #BradDacus! Brad founded the Pacific Justice Institute in 1997. There he and his people fight to defend religious liberties, parental rights and other civil liberties…He received is Juris doctorate from the University of Texas. Served as a legislative assistant for U.S. Senator Phil Gramm. Brad has testified before the United States House of Representatives and numerous times before
the California State Legislature! Brad also has his own radio show called the #DacusReport, which is heard throughout the country! He has also appeared on tons of radio and television shows including the O’Reilly Factor. And speaks all over the United States to churches, conferences, pastor conferences and more…!
You DO NOT want to miss this interview to hear some of the latest news on very high profile cases that his group,the #PacificJusticeInstitute, is involved…

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God bless our President Trump, God bless America and one last time,Happy New Year, to all our wonderful #DailyDialoguewithDoris listeners!

1 Host Doris Rivas-Brekke introduces PJI founder Brad Dacus
2 Doris, Brad and educator Dr. Christine Cecil
3 Doris, Brad and Christine
4 Doris, Brad and Christine