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Today’s show focuses on courage marketing what it takes to be a startup in today’s business landscape. Our guest is Ryan Berman of Sock Problems. Ryan is an expert entrepreneur, the founder of a successful marketing agency, and a soon-to-be-published author.

In the first section, we cover the story that ultimately led to the creation of Sock Problems. We touch on Ryan’s courage philosophy and learn more about his upcoming book Return on Courage.

We dive into the philosophy of courage and learn about Ryan’s definition of courage (Knowledge, Action, and Faith) and talk about the four B’s, or types of people that embody courage (Brave, Bold, Bookmakers, Brain)

Section two and three are all about purpose-driven marketing and creating brands that have “courage”. We discuss the PRICE model of purpose-driven marketing:

  • Prioritize Through Values
  • Rally Believers
  • Identify Fears
  • Commit to a Purpose
  • Execute Your Action

We then shift our focus to Sock Problems. We discuss what it takes to be a startup business in today’s fast-moving world and discuss the best ways to choose your team and develop company values. Here’s a hint: Surround yourself with smart people that share your passion!

We wind down in segment four and touch again on Ryan’s upcoming book and learn more about the charities behind Sock Problems. Purpose-driven marketing can be seen as opportunistic and Ryan talks about ways to prevent your company from falling into this issue.

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Update: Check out some of these awesome brands who are practicing cause marketing at the heart of their company’s mission:

  1. My Red Tea
  2. FACT Goods
  3. Pela Case
  4. True Ethic
  5. Mable

About the Hosts:

Bill Winn is the VP of Content at AMA San Diego. When he is not rocking out on the radio waves, he is the director of business development at Inseev Interactive.

Sam Wheeler is a volunteer at AMA San Diego and the co-host of the show. He works for companies of all shapes and sizes and is always on the lookout for new projects. His newest projects include an energy drink that helps digital marketers understand link equity and a collaboration for the new website Coin Look Up.

01/23/18 Startups & Courage Marketing