My guest is Ricardo Flores CEO with the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC). Ricardo was born in City Heights and his office is located there. His educational background was in Media . He speaks of City Heights as a diverse community that has many cultures to share with the greater San Diego community. This area is often not considered when we speak of community development however Ricardo speaks to the fact that this community is perfect for community development and for the support that LISC gives businesses. LISC can help empower a community. LISC gives advice as well as financial support to businesses, often the small mom and pop type businesses. San Diego has a housing crisis and one of the purposes of LISC is to help overcome some of the barriers as well as provide low cost and flexible capital to non-profits that are willing to work towards affordable housing. It is about investing in the community while recognizing the uniqueness of multi-cultural areas of our city. LISC present the business owner with technical help, serves as a facilitator between the business owner and the bank. An example of a successful project is the Sherman Heights community Center. Will City Heights have a Little Saigon?

1 Ricardo's education and political interest. / 2 working with the public and private sector to support the community. / 3 Sherman Heights Community Center/ Little Saigon / 4 The future of City Heights and other LISC programs.