In these segments we hear from two groups that are bringing reading opportunities to low-income populations.

Guest 1
Traveling Stories sets up reading tents in low-income areas of San Diego County, primarily at farmers markets. Founder, Emily Moberley, and Jake Lory, StoryTent Coordinator and Coordinator of the Compassionate Leadership Program, talk about the work they are doing to provide children with more opportunities to read. Emily has written a children’s book. Jake is starting up a program component that provides leadership opportunities for volunteers. Good things!

Guest 2
Art Vazquez is the Associate Director of Service Partnerships for Community HousingWorks, an organization whose mission is to provide and build life-changing affordable apartment communities with resident-centered services for working families, seniors, and people with disabilities…to forge stronger futures. In the mix of services are tutoring and homework help for children and financial literacy instruction for adult residents.

1 Traveling Stories with Emily Moberley and Jake Lory
2 Art Vazquez and Community generation success program