Segment 1 Guests:
Dr. Rakesh Patel, CEO of Neighborhood Healthcare, is joined by patient Zhu Shen, whose family has greatly benefitted from the programs and services offered by the customer-serviced focused organization. Patel talks about Healthcare’s 12 health centers, including the newest center in Poway.

Segment 2 Guests
Jose Cruz, CEO of the San Diego Council on Literacy, is joined by his Board Chair, Nora Kenney-Whitley, and John Corcoran, author of The Reading Gap: Journey to Answers, to discuss the challenges faced by organizations and individuals who have dedicated their missions and lives to combat illiteracy.

Segment 3 Guest:
Professor Bill Nericcio, who leads SDSU’s College of Arts and Letters Study Abroad Summer Program, chats about the four-week summer program dubbed London Rocks. Nericcio, who also heads SDSU’s University Press, discusses the California State University system’s oldest university press.

1 Neighborhood Healthcare
2 San Diego Council on Literacy
3 SDSU College of Arts and Letters Study Abroad Summer Program