We are all aware of the power of our Subconscious Mind in transforming our Health, Wellness, Relationships, Attitude and Success. But we usually associate the power of our mind with “Emotional Transformations”. In this episode, we delve deep into understanding the same power of our Subconscious Mind to heal the Body and achieve miraculous transformations in physical ailments and conditions. An almost unbelievable “Regeneration” of the affected organs, to bring us back to health.

Dr. Sonia presents yet another fascinating talk with a very special guest who stands testimony to this process of “Regeneration” using the power of the mind. Vishal, who suffered multiple strokes at a young age was devastated and left helpless with his debilitating condition of complete immobility. When recuperation with the best of modern medicine and physical therapies left him stuck and beyond no hope, he was introduced to Regression and Hypnotherapy. He experienced rapid improvements and unbelievable transformation of his physical condition in a short period of time. He was pretty much back to his original self and found not just his life back but hope and possibility. For himself and for others.

Dr. Sonia brings to our awareness, the vital connection between out thoughts, emotions and state of our physical condition. How “Dis-ease” is formed in the body. And how the same mind that “created” that disease, can also help you to heal that disease.

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The guest on the show is Vishal Patel www.transformandflow.com

(Note: Dr. Sonia Gupte does not practice as a General Physician in the United States.)

1 How Thoughts Can Create "Dis-ease"
2 A Most Inspiring Story of Transformation
3 How the Mind Can Regenerate the Body