1 Robotics and Blockchain Collide
Peggy Smedley says enterprise needs IoT (Internet of Things) technologies to stay competitive. In particular, robotics are making a mark on industries like manufacturing with benefits including quality and safety. She wagers that during the next five years we are going to see a huge boon in robot adoption in warehouse and logistics.
2 New Forms of Currency
David Drake, chairman, LDJ Capital, talks about getting the whole world—and the U.S.—behind cryptocurrency. He talks about the knowledge that is needed to raise capital in the U.S. and the many challenges that currently exist with global cryptocurrencies. Today, people are spending money across the globe, and taking those funds and running away. He says there is no protection and some form of regulation necessary. Peggy asks Drake if some of these blockchains are just another Ponzi scheme, and he responds that participation to date is simply based on trust; but admits there are no regulations and it has the appearance of a madhouse. Drake says the winners in all of this are going to be the ones who make a blockchain user-friendly and trustworthy.
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3 Inspiring Ingenuity
Gary Morton, author, Commanding Excellence, says optimizing the selection process from an employer standpoint is understanding the type of people you want and how they will fit inside your organization. It may not come out of the resume or school coursework, but if you have a way to measure and validate that, then it can help optimize the selection process. The more complex the role, the more talent comes into the equation. He explains that talent rules, and bringing the right talent is not age specific. Critical to this is purpose, passion, and ingenuity.