Fanny Miller is the CEO of El Latino the number one Hispanic newspaper in California and the largest Spanish Language newspaper in California. She is also the President of the National Association of the National Association of Hispanic Publications. Fanny was born in Columbia to two parents that were drug abusers. Fanny saw a lot of violence in her home in her early years. She was molested as a little girl. Her and her sibling came to live with an aunt in San Clemente. The situation with the aunt was not ideal but her and her brothers and sister were together and going to school. At the age of 21 Fanny her siblings and her a couple of other people decided to start a Spanish language newspaper. Within a year she was the only one running the newspaper. Fanny comments that it is amazing what you can do when you don’t known how much you don’t know. Her hard work and determination paid off in what she has been able to achieve. She has suffered from depression and exhaustion. Fanny realized that like a lot of women she was so busy taking care of every body but herself. She also says as women we need to learn how to ask for help. From all of these hurdles a Celebrado Latinas conference was born. This conference focuses on listening to your body and t your inner voice that tells you want your needs are. I She says it is a day to pamper yourself. The conference started with 100 women and has grown to 1500 women. Her new venture a magazine titled Celebrando Latinas came as a way for women to keep in touch. The conference is held once a year with the magazine focusing on many of the issues that came were emphasized at the conference. Fanny is a mom to six children. She has three birth children who are boys and three adopted girls. Her daughters were adopted from a women who was featured in one of the stories they featured in El Latino. The girls mom was dying of cancer and they became friends and the girls mom supported the idea that the girls would be adopted by Fanny. Her advise to other women is to take time to go back and see what you have accomplished. She also advised that instead of Planning for the a year or two you plan for the rest of your life.

1 A Child in Columbia / 2 Coming to the United States. growing up and starting a newspaper / 3 Deprestion, therapy and making peace with your past. / 4 Celebrando Latinas and planning for the rest of your life.