What a difference a few years will make! Back in 2008 – 2010, it seemed like no one could get a loan for their business. Today, things are very different in that respect … banks are aggressively looking for businesses that need lines of credit, working capital loans, facilities & equipment funding, building purchase money, etc. Still, what does a business owner need to do prior to requesting a loan for their business? What documents do you need for a business loan? What information will be required? There is a process … and what is it? Further, what can you do to shorten the time between loan request submission and (hopefully) the funding of your business loan?

Listen in as R. J. interviews two “sides of the same coin”, Dave Kramer (Founder & Principal of Outsource CFO Services) and Bob Jondall (Senior Vice-President, Umpqua Bank). Dave earned a bachelors from Yale, and his MBA from Harvard Business School. He is a trusted senior advisor/CFO to private companies in the $3 – $10M of revenue, and provides CFO services to companies that cannot afford a full-time CFO. Dave helps plan and measure the key financial drivers of a business so a CEO is freed to manage the improvement of the business. He has helped to grow numerous companies through his years of experience in many industries. In addition, Dave is a pivotal advisor to the prestigious Chairman’s Roundtable, and Connect Springboard. He knows exactly what bankers and their loan committees want to see before they are willing to fund a business loan. Dave can be reached at (858)231-9153 , dave@outsourceCFOservices.com or website: http://outsourcecfoservices.com/

Bob Jondall has been a business banker/advisor to various privately held companies for over 32 years. His experience runs across the spectrum of industries, but especially to the defense industry, tourism and service companies of San Diego. A native to San Diego, he obtained his bachelors and MBA from San Diego State University. He has just accepted a senior level position with Umpqua Bank, a $24 billion bank from Portland who is making significant inroads within the San Diego business community. Helping businesses expand their operations through intelligent use of bank financing is one of the things he does best. He also has a litany of stories where business owners shot themselves in the foot by being unprepared or submitting the wrong information. It does necessarily kill the loan opportunities, but it can significantly delay funding. Do it right the first time! Bob can be reached at (858) 722-6937

1 Treat the banker as if they were an investor in your business!
2 How to create the financial documents and “pitch deck” when requesting a business loan
3 What does a banker look for when analyzing a business loan application?
4 Specifics – do this and don’t do that!