Soundoff #2

What do you do different in the old year vs the new year?
Your word of the year is…?

Leon Legothetis

He is Greek but grew up in London
They thought he had it all and he didn’t – there is another way to live
How The Motorcycle Diaries movie influenced his life.
You have to follow your passion whether there is money involved or not

Overcoming the fear of cutting the rope
A major shift in life happens every 28 years
Everyone deserves to live a full, inspirational life–you have that right!
Live. Love. Explore. takes on Eat. Pray. Love

The mistakes made along the way
Creating scenarios to take you out of your comfort zone
A lot of people didn’t want to be on camera
The next big thing from Leon

Who inspires you? Winston Churchill
What is your word of the year? Hope
What is happening with you right now that no one knows about? Still struggle with depression.

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1 Soundoff #2
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