13 End-to-End Solution
Rafi Zauer, head of marketing, Essence, says CES is big and impressive. He explains the company provides an end-to-end solution for service providers, which is cloud-based and includes the hardware and devices, as well as the management side.
<a href="www.essence-grp.com" title="www.essence-grp.com" target="_blank">www.essence-grp.com</a>

14 Connected Car and Home at CES
Peggy says this year CES is all about the connected smart home and connecting to our cars. She talks about connected stoves and kitchens and how it can enable food to be cooked correctly, and even scales that can help weigh food.

15 Anaren Enters IoT
Mark Bowyer, director of wireless business development, Anaren, says the company started out developing microwave and radio-frequency products for the military. He explains more recently Anaren entered into the IoT space.

16 Smart Spoons
Kang Ren, CEO, GYENNO Technologies, says the product is designed for the people with hand tremor because there are about $100 million people who have Parkinson’s disease. He shows how the spoon has sensors so it can detect the movement of the hand, and there is an independent motor system to cancel the tremor from the hand.