Host, Nina Woodard, 2015 Vice President, SD SHRM Workforce Readiness, and Past SD SHRM President
Guest, Lauri Chua, 2015 Vice President, SD SHRM Conferences, and HR Knowledge Advisor for SHRM.

1 Overview of the New SHRM Certification, Exam, and Body of Knowledge
Host Nina Woodard and guest Lauri Chua discuss the new SHRM certification program. Lauri begins the discussion by emphasizing that the new certification emphasizes competency and technical knowledge. Within those areas, a large focus is on behavioral competencies such as leadership and ethical practices. All of these competencies were identified over the course of 10 years by experts looking to focus on the most important aspects of the HR experience. Further, Lauri explains the test’s particular methods for testing these competencies.
2 Which Program to Take and Test Preparation
In this segment, the topic shifts towards why HR professionals might want to take the test and be qualified through this program. The next exam window is a 2 ½ month period occurring between May and July. The registration window for this test period closes on April 17th. The test will be readily available at Prometric Centers. Finally, San Diego SHRM offers a number of resources to help prepare for the test including an excellent test preparation course to be offered on Tuesday nights.
3 Transitioning Your Existing HRCI Certification
Nina and Lauri discuss the Pathways program, the process to transition your HRCI certification into the SHRM certification. In order to receive the new certification, an HRCI certification holder only needs to confirm that their certification is in good standing, sign an ethics agreement, and take a 45 minute online tutorial on the new competency model. This will update the holder’s certification and put them on a three year cycle to learn and reapply the competency models. Finally, getting this certification is an excellent career boost.
4 SHRM Certification Course Availability in San Diego and the CA SHRM Knowledge Advisor Resource
Nina and Lauri close this week’s program by discussing the first class for the SHRM certification program. Lauri will be facilitating the program to be held at Webster University on Tuesday nights starting on February 2nd. From here, the discussion moves into Chua’s position as a full time employee of SHRM national. She answers questions from all strata of the Human Resources world ranging from mega-companies to small startups. National SHRM supports all of such companies and makes sure that their questions are answered as fully and quickly as possible.