1Smarter Cities in 2017
Peggy starts the show by continuing her discussion on what’s to come in smart cities this year—from monitoring traffic downtown to saving energy in airports. She says a testing ground for connected infrastructure in Las Vegas is a great example of how the IoT can be advantageous to cities in particular locations.
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2 V2V Leads to Driver Safety
Hagai Zyss, CEO, Autotalks, says that vehicle-to-vehicle communication is creating a boiling point in the way the automotive industry is adopting technology. He discusses how layered short range and 5G standards will help drivers effectively receive message from drivers, as well as infrastructure when operating vehicles at high speeds.
3 Distracted Driving on the Brain
David Strayer, professor of cognitive neuroscience, University of Utah, dives into the mind of distracted drivers and says while part of the brain makes people believe they are capable of multitasking behind the wheel, nearly everyone is not. He explains how new vehicles today are developed with too much integration and dispels the debate whether hands-free or hand-held devices are safer on the road.
4 AI Takes the Wheel
Peggy ends this week’s show by examining how self-driving cars grew out of science fiction into a major tool for the automotive industry to keep drivers safe. She says this data and machine learning will propel ridesharing services forward, decreasing cars on the road and the need for multiple trips.