Business owners and entrepreneurs are constantly looking for ideas to build a successful brand & company. How do you keep the business thriving in a market that is constantly changing, and with competition that is more “competitive” than ever?

Listen to this fascinating dialog as R. J. interviews two of the fastest growing companies in San Diego: Krish Coughran, Co-Founder & President of the award-winning digital marketing agency, Ignite Visibility, and Mike Hess, founder and “Chief Brewing Officer” of the award-winning, Mike Hess Brewing Company.

Krish and Mike talk about their successful business journey. What have been some of their secrets to keeping their businesses thriving, while keeping principles before profit and maintaining ethics to retain long-term clients? How have they dealt with the “not so much fun” part of business, and kept succeeding despite when “stuff happens?”

Ignite Visibility is a full service digital marketing agency specializing in search engine optimization (SEO), social media, PR, paid media, conversion rate optimization and email marketing. Krish and his likewise enormously talented business partner, John Lincoln, have successfully created strategic online marketing strategies for 300+ companies, ranging from small start-ups to large international corporations. As managing partner, Krish has helped engineer the explosive growth of Ignite Visibility, earning the San Diego Business Journal’s #8 Fastest Growing Company Award in San Diego in 2015 with a 288% three-year growth rate. Ignite Visibility has also been recognized as one of Inc. Magazine’s 1,000 Fastest Growing Companies in the Nation with a 2016 four-year growth rate of ~650%. Krish can be reached at (619) 752-1955 or visit the Ignite Visibility website,

Mike Hess Brewing has won numerous awards over the past 3 years, including back-to-back Gold Awards at the World Beer Cup for its Double IPA, Habitus and its German Kolsch, Claritas. The widely-read Mike Hess Brewing Odyssey blog is the de facto go-to manual for opening a “nano-brewery” and is widely read across the nation and abroad. You can reach Mike at, visit the website,, or call one of the Mike Hess locations: North Park – (619) 255-7136 |Miramar – (619) 786-HESS | Ocean Beach – (619) 795-1095.

Ignite Visibility ranked #8 and Mike Hess Brewing ranked #22 of the 150 Fastest-Growing Companies in San Diego from 2013 to 2015

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