It’s a new year, and Molly and Mike are raising the bar, and creating a blow out year.

1 It was a bit of a wacky first segment filled with celebration and possibility for the new year, and a ton of man love for Molly’s guy, Brad, it was Brad’s birthday and Molly just realized how old he was.  Brad is blessed with charm, intelligence, common sense, and good looks that would make both Brad Pit and George Clooney envious. 
2 Segment two Molly and Mike began their discussion on inventing a future, and in doing so began  to speak of their upcoming Ride Of Your Life, from Nashville, to New Orleans.  The ride is designed for leaders to take a look at themselves, their purpose or calling, and begin to outline what it will take to create and fulfill on the purpose, much of this segment was about purpose and calling
3 Segment three was a continuation on the conversation of the ride, and ones calling.  We looked at how that is available in community and our work with others.  We also discuss the incredible amount of fun that will be had along with the experience of personal transformation, on a 500 mile motorcycle ride down the Natchez Trace and on to New Orleans. 
4 The Final segment was a discussion on the transition of political power in our country.  Molly is concerned and saddened by the results, Mike is cautiously optimistic, and interested in how it goes, both agreed that no matter where you land on President Obama’s effectiveness, there is no doubt he is a good man.