In fifth grade Alejandra Soltero Solis announced she wanted to be the mayor of National City. On todays show she announced she will be running for Mayor of National City in 2018. Alejandra grew up in National city, attended schools in National City. She majored in Political Science and social justice at UCSD. She was the Chairman of MECHA. She says she had strong women role models her abulita (grandmother) and her mother. The first time she ran for City Council she did not win however she did not allow that to stop her. Alejandra also shares how she focus on her family, her job at the SD Foundation and her work on the city council.

1 Growing up in National City . Her education and family history.
2 A political family and supporting each other.
3 Running for City Council. Fund raising and working with the San Diego Foundation.
4 Being a city Council member and working with others.