Daily Dialogue with Doris welcomed the new year with a great “uplifting” show! Our honored guest Best Selling and Gold Medallion author, Dr. Robert J. Morgan, pastor of The Donelson Fellowship church in Nashville, Tennessee, is also a contributing writer for Dr. David Jeremiah’s Turning Point media group and a good friend of our Shadow Mountain Church in El Cajon, shared with us some valuable information from one of his latest bestselling books “Mastering Life Before It’s Too Late(10 Biblical Strategies for a Lifetime of Purpose)”. If you want to be the best that you can be this year, you need to get his book…NOW!
And we had a  special interview with show sponsor, Dr. Patrick Papin, owner of theFantastic Sams El Cajon “Downtown” & Fantastic Sams Santee, California, was enlightening & fun! Thanks also to Fantastic Sams manager Monica Lares & Shadow Mountain Community Church new friend, Jackie Furlong for joining the show!!

We had one of the best times ever at the studio and we are looking forward to what lies ahead for this very promising year!!
Happy New Year and God Bless America!!

1 Host Doris Rivas-Brekke and Dr. Robert J. Morgan
2 Doris and Dr. Morgan
3 Doris, Dr. Patrick Papin, Jackie Furlong,
4 Doris, Dr. Papin, Jackie, and Monica Lares