Hear from Dan Dubois, Managing Director at RBG, a 25 year veteran of the financial industry, customizing and implementing investment and retirement programs for members of professional and trade associations, and Paul Yossem, Regional Vice President at Nationwide Retirement Plans, with 18 years in the financial industry.

Listen in as R. J., Dan & Paul discuss the following topics:

Obstacles to Retirement:
• A discussion on smart starting points, as many people aren’t sure where to begin.
• To avoid feeling overwhelmed, take simple steps to move in the right direction.

A Few of The Dirty Dozen Pitfalls to Avoid. Hear more about what “Action Steps” you can take to avoid these pitfalls:
• Not in a hurry to save? Find out why timing matters and why you cannot put off this important issue any longer.
• What is diversification and how do people usually get confused about this issue?
Expert advice and resources, e.g., Nationwide Interactive Retirement Planner
• Excess of current consumption, living beyond your means?
Hear a story of a missionary couple, making less than $30,000 annually, now retired and make more today than they did when they worked.
You have the option of having a Starbucks’ coffee today or having an extra $160,000 when you retire in the future.
• Thinking you can continue to work indefinitely.
• Get the maximum out of the Social Security benefits you have earned.
The benefits of compound interest.

Tune in for answers to the above topics and more!

R. J. Kelly is the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of the Wealth Legacy Group, Inc. in San Diego, CA. Learn more about R. J. and Wealth Legacy Group at www.wealthlegacygroup.com. Contact R. J. at (800) 975-5355 or rj@wealthlegacygroup.com.