01 Cybercrime Has Taken Control
Peggy Smedley questions whether we have lost control of our cybersecurity and whether corporate America is taking the necessary steps to recognize today’s breed of sophisticated hackers?
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02 Reaching Your Creative Potential
Emer O’Daly, CEO, Love & Robots explains how she empowers customer to become fashion designers and innovators and why everyone is capable of being more creative than they imagined.
03 Start-Ups Think Outside the Box
John Carpenter, reporter, Chicago Tribune’s Blue Sky Innovation say Chicago’s start-ups ability to tap into technology innovation is music to consumer’s ears.
04 CES: Guests, Gadgets, and Information
Peggy Smedley says the Consumer Electronic Show is a playground for those looking for the next big thing while being truly an innovators dream come to life.< br> www.peggysmedleyshow.com