This weeks show is all about the 24th Annual ZAP “Zinfandel Experience” Festival on January 29-31 in San Francisco. Zinfandel Advocates & Producers (“ZAP”) is a not-for-profit, member-based, educational organization that’s comprised of winegrowers, winemakers and wine enthusiasts which form its membership. The common focus is the preservation and recognition of Zinfandel as America’s heritage wine. Zinfandel generates an enthusiasm and magic that captures our American pioneering spirit in a bottle. ZAP and its members revel in Zinfandel’s mysterious history and its evolving story fuels the embers of discovery, entrepreneurship and agriculture…that are truly American.

1 Terra d'Oro Winemaker and ZAP VP, Chris Leamy, talks about the 2015 Zinfandel Experience on January 29-31, 2015 in San Francisco.<br><a href="" title="" target="_blank"></a>
2 Randy Caparoso of The SOMM Journal will be the moderator of the Zinfandel Experience "Sommelier & Winemakers Workshop"
3 Julie Johnson, Winemaker of Tres Sabores Winery, is "paired" with Mustard Grill for the Epicuria event at the Zinfandel Experience.
4 Kevin Riley, Owner/Winemaker of Proulx ("Pru") Wines is pouring his Zinfandel's at The Tasting at the Zinfandel Experience.