In this generational leap, we follow the exploits of Tom Swift Jr. as he follows in his father’s footsteps as an inventor and adventurer.

In “Visitor from Planet X”, we find young Tom Swift (Jr.) and his sidekicks Bud and Chow as they combat the forces of evil who have unleashed devastating earthquakes all over the free world with a dangerous new invention. In the middle of that, they are attempting to welcome a visitor from outer space from the distant Planet X, who they hope will be an ambassador to our world.

Danny Swanson – Tom Swift
Ryan Severance – Bud Barclay
Melanie Peters – Narrator / Sandy Swift
Ellen Lawson – Mary Nestor Swift (Tom’s Mother) / Captain Grace Hopper
Scott Paulson – “Chow” Winkler / Samson Narko / Dr. Mark Faber
Peter K. Flynn – Mr. Swift (Tom’s Father)
Gabriel Pan – Radio Announcer / Harlan Ames / Chief Slater / Exman