Help, considered a four letter word by some. Asking for it can be challenging, especially for an “independent” woman, but learning how to can prevent burnout, teach kids how to ask for help and make life easier. Tracy and fellow Professional Organizer, Grace Brooke discuss how beneficial asking for help can be.

How much we have on our plates, seems to be a way we measure how well we are doing in life. This generation of woman is juggling a lot more then previous generations but still operating within the “June Cleaver standard” causing many women to lose control in their homes and feeling inadequate because of it. Being independent has benefits such as more financial independence but could create difficulties in asking for help for fear of appearing needy.

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Asking for help, starts with being open and willing to do it. Start by learning how to ask for help in small ways. You can ask for help with cleaning, errands, admin tasks, etc. The benefits of asking for help is teaching kids how to ask for it, people enjoy helping, get more done faster, life becomes easier and you inspire others to learn how to step outside of their comfort zones and ask for help too. Give your kids small tasks like shredding or setting up bankers boxes.

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Grace Brooke’s desire to become a Professional Organizer, came from her own personal experience growing up in a cluttered home. Grace and Tracy discuss how they often work with many women who have a lot on their plates, place very high expectations on themselves, don’t practice self care and whose personal and professional lives are suffering because of it. Not asking for help is a main driver behind all of this. Women often feel because they are a woman, they “should” be able to keep a clean and organized home.

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Living in a home of chaos doesn’t mean it’s disorganized and cluttered. Chaos can exist in the mind too. Grace shares a recent client story of a woman who finally raised the white flag and asked for help after trying to do it all with four teenagers, a husband who is gone for work most of the time, running a business and managing a home. Grace has helped her shift her mindset and learn how to ask for help more. If someone finally surrenders, is open, willing and ready to let someone help them, have faith and trust in the process and release the need to control the project, amazing results can happen.

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Grace Brooke
Grace Brooke
Grace Brooke
Grace Brooke