As a child, Luis Congdon was welcomed into severe poverty in a 3rd world country to a single 25-year old mom. He was her third child.

His mother was murdered when he was five, forcing him to be homeless for three years. After being adopted and surrounded by a loving family in the States, his adoptive parents divorced leaving him lost and confused about this whole thing called ‘love’.

He then devoted himself to being a monk for the next 10 years, immersing himself in spirituality and eventually finding love of his own — then she broke his heart and left. I promise, I’m not making this up!

Instead of feeling hopeless, Luis drew from his years immersed in spirituality, knowing he was in charge of his reality. Tune in to find out how he turned all of this adversity into multiple, profitable businesses.

1- Assessment of Steve; How Do You Recharge; Richard Is Long For Dick
2 - Mother Murdered at age 5; Homeless Until age 8; Child Neglect
3 - NLP and Hypnotherapy; Came To The U.S. To Meet Superman, Turns Out It Was His New Dad
4 - Giving Back And Serving Others; Creating Balance; Anxiety Around Family