SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) and Dr. John Waddell are the authors of Succulent Wild Love.

SARK is a best-selling author and artist with sixteen titles in print and well over two million books sold. Dr. John has been helping individuals and couples lead happier lives for over 30 years through his clinical psychology practice and metaphysical teachings.

With a recent and totally unexpected turn of events, SARK and John have been given the opportunity to practice the principles they teach in the book in ways they never imagined.

Tune in to find out what happened, how they are dealing with this life-changing challenge, and how SARK is facing her biggest fear.

1 - 3 White Guys & Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. ; SARKness Can Drive Out Darkness; Grandpas Are Forgiving
2 - The Cancer Diagnosis; Cancer Has Come As A Teacher
3 - SARK & The SLAP; A Beacon Of The World; A Succulent Wild Woman
4 - 6 Powerful Habits