1 Be In Charge In A Big Way: Act Like A Boss
Laura interviews Emilie Aries of Bossed Up, an organization promoting sustainable career choices and supporting women to develop lives that work for them.
2 Burnout Culture
Welcome to the United States of Overworked and Underappreciated. Emilie shares some alarming statistics -- about how and why we overwork and the scarcity and insecurity we feel that has us work too hard and ignore our lives.
3 You Can't Sit With Us!
The whole "problem" of women being powerful in the workplace may have started with men, and is still a problem with men. Women have their work cut out for them, and it starts with being each other's ally instead of competition.
4 This Is Not A Performance, This Is My Life
Laura asks the question on everybody's mind -- so how do we do it? Emilie shares about Bossed Up's philosophy of highlighting goals, how to keep yourself on track over long periods of time, and ultimately, why you should invest in your own life.