1 Mike and Molly survive some technical breakdowns (all self inflicted) and begin the show right on time…..#makingsausage………And as normal our heroes see the events of the day from two completely distinct perspectives. In the area of tragic Celebrity Deaths, Molly was mourning the death of the iconic Mary Tyler Moore, and had mention the contribution MTM made to the development of woman and their fights for equality in the 70”s. Meanwhile the celebrity death Mike was morning was the loss of Butch Trucks, drummer for the Allman Brothers Band. Needless to say , ABB is the soundtrack of Mike’s life…… #whippingpost
2 M& M have two guest , Elle and Genevieve. In the beginning Molly makes Mike promise he will behave and listen and just prior to the show, Mike realizes he knows Elle. He reintroduces himself and the segment begins on a pleasant note….#disasteraverted…..Elle begins here discussion on the origins of The Rise Party
3 Elle and Genevieve share how the organization began, it is developed due to the unworkability of having 53% of eligible voters not voting. They share their intention of inclusion and collaboration and the need for people of all view points to be involved in the process. Elle gives an eloquent description of what “progressive” actually mean, as in progressing forward. Mike asked the question and pointed to the obvious of the morphing of the term “progressive”…..#libtard….
4 Elle and Genevieve again move us by their commitment, their organization, and their passion. They are calling all people into action and into being active participants of the political process. In the end I was moved by their message, even though it was left leaning, the intention was to serve all. I love these guys. #letsworktogether…#togetherisbetter….