This week on That Kat Radio, Shawn Muthraja joined us to talk about how LinnWorks can help a multi-channel merchant.

In segment one, Shawn and Kat talked about:

  • Where did LinnWorks come from?
  • The Story behind the company.
  • What companies does LinnWorks partner with.

In segment two, Shawn and Kat covered more about Linnworks:

  • Shawn talked about the plans of Linnworks for small to mid-size eCommerce Sellers.
  • Kat and Shawn discussed the kind of sellers Linnworks really meant for.
  • Shawn told us about the channels Linnworks support.
  • Shawn & Kat discussed the shipping services and companies Linnworks is incorporated with.
  • Shawn explained that Linnworks works on Android and IOS and what it means to sellers.

In segment three, Shawn and Kat chatted further about Linnworks services:

  • Kat & Shawn discussed how item translation services work and for what channels they are available.
  • Shawn explained how Linnworks help synchronize inventories. For example, will it end listings on eBay if the item sells out on Amazon?
  • Shawn & Kat talked about creating bundles or sets from your inventory.
  • Shawn told us about the kind of reports Linnworks makes available to help sellers be more efficient and profitable.
  • Shawn explained the inclusion of Amazon repricer and how it works

For final segment, Shawn and Kat talked about:

  • Shawn answered whether Linnworks work for a seller using the Amazon FBA system to fulfill orders.
  • Shawn discussed about the price of Linnworks and if there’s any discounts or extended trials for That Kat listeners.
  • Shawn told about how the listeners can connect with them online.

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