Soundoff 2
At what age do men and women have the best sex?
TV in Europe
Sex is a sloppy thing but it does amazing things

What Is Your WHAT? Wednesday

Over 100,000 people have now downloaded What Is Your WHAT? Discover The One Thing You Were Born To Do. Steve and Richard discuss the ripple effect of being an author. When you have something within that moves you to share it with the masses, it was sent to you on purpose. Steve shares his encounter with a parent of his son’s little league team who ended up being a fan of his work.

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Soul-full Sunday
Faith… the belief in what you cannot see

Wade steps in while Mary is out to spark discussion with Steve and Richard around beliefs we’re taught as young children with regard to religion and our soul. The variables that make us so unique are there in life, and then we die. Faith… the belief in what you cannot see.


New Media Minute

Steve, Richard, Wade, and special guest Jared Werner discuss how we are relying so much on technology for everything these days. Our worlds fall apart when we aren’t connected. Where is the opportunity to develop for getting people out of their virtual lives? At what point does new media go too far?

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2 What Is Your WHAT? Wednesday
3 Soul-full Sunday
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