Welcome to another This Week in Marketing podcast from AMA San Diego!

Today’s topic is Social Media Marketing in 2018! Our guests are Manish Dudharejia, Co-Founder and President, and Kevin Svec, Senior Copywriter of E2M Solutions Inc. 

This podcast is all about tips for businesses looking to take advantage of social media’s sweeping changes in 2018. In the first two sections, we discuss the Facebook algorithm changes and what it means for businesses. From video content to creating business groups, we discuss ways to create content that lives permanently on Facebook’s platform.

In the final two sections, we dive into the other social media platforms and discuss everything from understanding your target market to leveraging each platform differently.

This show has a low of great real-life examples and tips for businesses, so be sure to tune in! Examples range from that of Kevin’s own personal website, Impulsive Wanderlust, to leveraging blog content from like that of TransUnion’s SmartMove and their new service ShareAble for Hires and live video and behind the scenes content from the Dunkin Donuts Blog.

E-commerce sites can also benefit from organic social posts about their products. For a great real-life example, check out Uncharted Supply Co. and their promotion of the Seventy2 Hour Survival Bag

Thanks again for listening and see you all next time!

About the Hosts:

Bill Winn is the VP of Content at AMA San Diego. He loves the radio and is the director of business development at Inseev Interactive.

Sam Wheeler is a volunteer at AMA San Diego and the new co-host of the show. His newest projects include a Coinbase review for a new cryptocurrency site called CoinLookup and an “educational” energy drink that helps new digital marketers understand link equity. This piece is called “What is Link Juice”