Art Costello
What are core expectations?
Feelings of abandonment
Life in the military and the little girl at the orphanage
Setting expectations
Fear of loss
Advertising today is focusing on exceeding expectations
Expectations vs goal setting
Why wanting less is a good thing

Tweet this: The strongest faith is in yourself. Faith is not only in religion. @myexpectation


Soul Full Sunday
How Do Your Refuel?

Mary talks with the rest of the RR Crew about the need to refuel ourselves when leading the busy lives that we do. Why is it necessary? What do you to do refuel and maintain your energy?


Sound Off

You know you’re an addict when_________
Smoking weed and getting enough sleep
You stole our rent money to do what?
Replacing one vice with another

New Media Minute
February’s New Media Summit is sold out
The next event is September 16 – 18 in San Diego, CA
What makes a show worth $230 million?
Why Apple should be the most scared
Superpowers of various media
Create multiple versions of content
Sears should have been Amazon

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2 Soul Full Sunday
3 Sound Off
4 New Media Minute