Thom Singer’s been paid to Emcee for the past 9 years.
Having spent 20 years in sales & marketing he saw a lot of speakers
You can’t start off a Tony Robbins
A typical client looks like $1.95 and a chicken dinner
The 5 words that describe Thom
He wasn’t in the right place with the ladder against the wrong wall
Speaker life isn’t just speaking, it’s about 20 different things
Bill Clinton or Thom Singer?
You have to vet speakers
You’re only famous to the crowd that day

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New Media Minute
Alexa Is Really Smart!

Mary and Richard discuss Alexa and the various ways you can use it that you may not have thought about. Voice command is what we’ve always wanted. So now you can buy a chip to convert that old lamp into voice activation for turning it on and off.

1 Thom Singer
2 New Media Minute