1 Everything You Need to Know about GDPR
Peggy Smedley identifies hurdles and milestones for EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), explaining we still have a ways to go in what compliance really means—and the May deadline is just around the corner. She says uncertainty can be very costly and too many businesses remain unprepared and they will pay big time for it.
2 The Science of Smart Communities
Science is the foundation for interoperability and smart communities. Peggy Smedley chats with Ken Calvert, division director for the computer and information science division of the computer and network systems, and Erwin Gianchandani, deputy assistant director for computer and information science and engineering, National Science Foundation, about smart communities. Calvert says it provides 83% of the federal funding that goes to academic research for life science, and it encourages researchers to connect with and collaborate with communities so they can get input of stakeholders of the communities. Gianchandani adds that the National Science Foundation is very intentional and it understands the cities and communities are on the frontlines and trying to address challenges.
3 Interoperability in the Home
Robin Raskin, founder and president, Living In Digital Times, joins Peggy Smedley to talk about the smart home. She says door locks, cameras, and thermostats work well, but what doesn’t work well is the interoperability. She continues that if technology companies make it too difficult no one is going to buy it. What we are missing is the infrastructure to make all of this easier, she explains.