Rafael grew up with both parents that were born in Mexico His father came to the United States with a letter an uncle had sent Rafael’s grandmother Mr. Castellanos did not speak English but somehow he worked his way to Nevada. He went to the location where his uncle worked and to the surprise of his uncle arrived at the door. His mother’s father came to Rosewell New Mexico She also came to Nevada. Where she worked both as a potato processor and as a maid. Rafael played football in high school and was an over all good students. While in high school he wrote an essay about Pancho Villa. The teacher did not like the essay and gave him an F grade. HIs football coach spoke to the teacher but it did not make a difference. His grade at the end of the semester for that class was a C. The only C he received in his high school day. He also worked in the mines as a young boy and knew that was not the type of work he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He credits his experience with Upward Bound as changing his life. A college counselor suggested he go into the military because he wasn’t “college materia.” Directly out of high school he worked in the mines and started to wonder about college. He made the decision to enroll in College. He was interested in Math and science adding high school did not prepare him for college. His path to college and his time in college was not a smooth role. He says in part because he did feel he belonged there. His original major was history. He did succeed in college and then law school. His work is in Real Estate law He is the first male board member of MANA. His respect for women comes from the high esteem and respect he has for his mother and her courage. As a member of the Port Commission he is interested I what is know as technology.

1 Growing up in Nevada / 2 Work in the mines or go to college. / 3 Environmental Responsibility / 4 Port Commissioner and Blue technology.