Meet a finalist team from the SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge Finals! Spencer from Eastlake School in San Diego shares his story.

• Tara Taylor – EastLake Middle School Teacher
• Spencer – Student and team lead of Qualifying team for MS Finals – SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge
• Liz Fraumann, Executive Director, Securing Our eCity Foundation

1 Look, Mom and Dad! We’re in the Finals!
We have heard the great news, Spencer! You and your team are in the SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge Finals! Congratulations! In fact, we heard that you and your team scored the highest for middle school! Tell us about it.
2 The Learning Factors
First, CONGRATULATIONS! How many teams did you coach? And, from the Coaches’ perspective, tell us a little bit about the “Trainers’” view with in the Platform, and what you were able to ascertain?
3 Who are the other teams that will be at the Finals?
Junior Varsity Teams: a. EastLake MS / b. Oak Valley MS/ c. Meadowbrook MS / d. The Cambridge School / e. Design 39 Academy / f. Black Mountain MS
2. Varsity Teams/ a. Del Norte HS / b. Westview HS / c. Fountain Valley HS / d. San Ysidro / e. SD Regional Naval Sea Cadet Corps / f. San Marcos HS / g. Canyon Crest Academy / h. Ramona HS
4 What’s Next?
Special Briefing – 22 Feb.